Innie Love

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Anonymous asked: You have posted many very erotic and beautiful pictures, no doubt. But I noticed you focus almost entirely on hairless vulvas, and I was thinking....what is your response to the claim that hairless innies look childlike? Of course hairless feels better and is perhaps a little cleaner, but this is a visual shrine, essentially. You can't easily deny that a close-up of a prepubescent vulva would fit right in. This isn't an attack. I'm just curious what you think of this. Thanks.

I think anyone who even begins to consider a shaven private area as childlike has a tendency towards paedophilia. This is not an attack back, but we have never in our loves thought about it this way, and wonder [rhetorically] why you ask the question to begin with. The fact of the matter is, hair collects filth, salt, and smells - our attraction to clean vulvae is not omnipresent, but it exists because “clean” does, in fact, imply clean. Also, we are cunnilingus addicts - hair just gets in the way. The images on this blog are either submitted or found and we have no control over the hairlessness of the individuals in the images (unless they are our FsWB or if the source is F herself). We do not deny entries that include pubic hair; however, bush often covers up the vulvae entirely, forcing the image out of qualification… If we can’t see that it’s an innie, then we can’t just assume so. All innies are posted as long as we agree that the woman (often considering the whole woman) is attractive. Obviously this is subjective, but it is our blog and our vision that curates it. I guess, our formal response would be “What the Fuck? Why are you looking a pussies and talking about kids?”
-M and F

[post script from M] I’m not sure what you are insinuating about prepubescent vulvae - I’ve never seen one - nor would I ever try or think they “fit right in.”

[post script from F] I’m a girl, so yeah, I guess I saw a lot of minge growing up, but some of those girls I still get to see, including of course my own, and they still look the same as they did back then… So, I don’t really see the point in speculating about it… I mean honestly - I think your putting rapey thoughts in your own head. No offence, of course.